The symposium 2SCS'13 organized by ENSA Agadir will be held from Friday to Saturday, November 29-30 2013 at Hotel SOFITEL, Agadir.

2SCS’13 aims at presenting unique opportunity for the academic and industrial community to discuss recent developments in the fields of Safety and security such as Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), control systems security and standards, Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD), Fault Tolerant Control, Supervision and Safety of Technical Process.

The field has been developed into a major area of research, at the intersection of systems and control engineering, with software/communication technologies as well as new developments in robotics and mechatronics and embedded systems.

The safe and reliable operation of technical systems is of great significance, for the protection of human life and health, the environment, and of the vested economic value. The correct functioning of those systems has a profound impact also on production cost and product quality.

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